A small death at the convent

small death at the convento

After a wonderful early evening concert held in the cloisters at the convento in Los Angeles, just down the hill from Jimena, I imagined a dead goat (I know, I am strange like that :-)) attracting down the griffin vultures we have here, looking for a tasty meal. I wanted to juxtapose the beauty of the church with the image of death, but showing the wonderful recycling that the vultures do here! I have no idea if they have ever in reality landed on the church roof…..This is an A1 canvas (a bit puckered in the corner – I must try and fix that!) with mixed media – mostly acrylics and felt pens for the detailed bits.


The railway station for Jimena – Estación de Jimena


The railway station for Jimena is down the bottom of the hill in Estación de Jimena, (now Los Angeles) and the track runs from Algeciras through to Ronda and beyond; you can change at Bodadilla (the Crewe of Spain) and get to Granada, Madrid, Seville….It’s a jolly useful line. However there are rumours of closure to the smaller stations, which I truly hope don’t happen. There is a very nice bar just a few stops up the track in Jimera de Libar,  Bar Allioli, which has live music and it’s great to catch the train up and back on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


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The storks in Los Angeles


The storks have a nest just down the bottom of Jimena, in Los Angeles, aka Estacion de Jimena (They changed the name a few years ago, I guess they didn’t want to be just an extension of Jimena, the residents, that is, not the storks…) There is one nest high on the top of a telegraph pole and a lower one one the top of the palm tree. I’d been trying to get some photos for ages, as I wanted to draw storks but of course it has to be Jimena storks!  I snapped him/her early one morning, and it is the same stork  three times, it looked at me taking the pictures and thought I’m not having the paparazi snapping me this time of the morning, and slowly took off.  I used pen and wash for this picture.