A small death at the convent

small death at the convento

After a wonderful early evening concert held in the cloisters at the convento in Los Angeles, just down the hill from Jimena, I imagined a dead goat (I know, I am strange like that :-)) attracting down the griffin vultures we have here, looking for a tasty meal. I wanted to juxtapose the beauty of the church with the image of death, but showing the wonderful recycling that the vultures do here! I have no idea if they have ever in reality landed on the church roof…..This is an A1 canvas (a bit puckered in the corner – I must try and fix that!) with mixed media – mostly acrylics and felt pens for the detailed bits.


The church by the plaza Llano de la Victoria


A quick sketch outside then the shading added when I got back. (there was a man hanging around who asked me things like ‘what are you drawing, the church?’ Ummm….no the bin over there….I’m afraid I run for cover when I am discovered sketching, almost as if I am doing something I shouldn’t be! I need to grow a tougher skin 🙂 Anyway, this is a lovely,small church- I have been to a sad funeral for a special lady in here and also been to a few concerts. It has beautiful big cloisters on the side and sometimes charity markets are held in there. The plaza, to the left, was a great venue when Jimena had its music festival (rumoured to be returning this year -we are all hoping!)

Iglesia de San Francisco


This church is just round the corner from where we live. We attended some rather nice choral concerts there on hot summer evenings last year. It’s on a corner between where two streets feed into each other, Calle Barrera and Calle San Francisco. Some very strange angles to get my head around…..mind you, most of Jimena is at a strange angle and slowly sliding down the hill 🙂