A small death at the convent

small death at the convento

After a wonderful early evening concert held in the cloisters at the convento in Los Angeles, just down the hill from Jimena, I imagined a dead goat (I know, I am strange like that :-)) attracting down the griffin vultures we have here, looking for a tasty meal. I wanted to juxtapose the beauty of the church with the image of death, but showing the wonderful recycling that the vultures do here! I have no idea if they have ever in reality landed on the church roof…..This is an A1 canvas (a bit puckered in the corner – I must try and fix that!) with mixed media – mostly acrylics and felt pens for the detailed bits.


15 thoughts on “A small death at the convent

  1. I am LOVING your paintings, Wendy, and this is an original subject for a picture so even more special. We don’t see vultures here (or storks) but I often see them on the road to Cordoba. We are on week two of rain, how is it with you? xox

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  2. You have totally captured the mission, Wendy. There is one in Arizona that I visited 2yrs ago that looks almost like its twin. I guess some people don’t like morbidity, but…, well…, that’s life. Ya live, and then ya die !!! Loved the painting. 🙂

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