The cork oak, stripped

stripped cork

The cork oaks have recently been harvested, or stripped of their cork. This always, to my eye, leaves them looking rather naked and vulnerable…. I imagined dressing them again. What would they wear? This cheeky cork oak tree has managed to get laced into a rather lovely red basque. The knickers wouldn’t go on and have been discarded on the woodland floor in disgust.

If you are interested in the whole (real!) process of the cork harvesting in Andalucia, my good friend and eloquent writer, Grandolfo, wrote about it here:

A2 canvas board. Acrylic and ink pen.


A small death at the convent

small death at the convento

After a wonderful early evening concert held in the cloisters at the convento in Los Angeles, just down the hill from Jimena, I imagined a dead goat (I know, I am strange like that :-)) attracting down the griffin vultures we have here, looking for a tasty meal. I wanted to juxtapose the beauty of the church with the image of death, but showing the wonderful recycling that the vultures do here! I have no idea if they have ever in reality landed on the church roof…..This is an A1 canvas (a bit puckered in the corner – I must try and fix that!) with mixed media – mostly acrylics and felt pens for the detailed bits.

Two tabbies on wood


I had a lovely, wood framed mirror which fell off the wall and smashed into smithereens. I kept the frame and the wood back thinking I might one day paint something on it. And now I have. My two Spanish tabby cats. Sadly, we only have Sabi now; Purdi died nearly two years ago.

Wing over Jimena – stork study #1

stork 1

Acrylic on A2 canvas block. I have completed the first module of my course and am now free to paint whatever I like! I have decided I like using acrylics and have been working on some storks using this area as a background. The storks are here at the moment having baby storks, and I have taken masses of photos to use as reference.

To those of you reading this, thanks for not un following me and I hope to catch up with your blogs very soon!

Wendy x

Devine bovine skullduggery

skull ink

An exercise on my course was to draw a tonal study of bones or shells. I wanted a skull! I sent out a plea on a local facebook page and within an hour a lovely lady had got back to me with the offer to lend me a calf skull and I drove out to collect it, just outside of Jimena. When I saw it I had to stop myself doing a little dance as it was large with HORNS! It still had some tufty hair and teeth too…

When I got back my cat Sabi was very intrigued….


Well, if you are not totally bored now, here is the fast charcoal sketch I did of the side and also a pencil sketch.

skull 1skull 2

Have a great Sunday,

Wendy x

p.s. for the pedantic folk out there I KNOW you spell it with one L…