Starry flight – Stork study #3

Starry flight

Acrylic and ink on long canvas block. This is my last stork study for now 🙂 I  had managed to get some great photos of the storks in flight and wanted to use them against the background of Jimena. I am not sure if they do indeed fly in the early morning with stars; this is art, not ornithology, after all….


Wing over Jimena – stork study #1

stork 1

Acrylic on A2 canvas block. I have completed the first module of my course and am now free to paint whatever I like! I have decided I like using acrylics and have been working on some storks using this area as a background. The storks are here at the moment having baby storks, and I have taken masses of photos to use as reference.

To those of you reading this, thanks for not un following me and I hope to catch up with your blogs very soon!

Wendy x

The storks in Los Angeles


The storks have a nest just down the bottom of Jimena, in Los Angeles, aka Estacion de Jimena (They changed the name a few years ago, I guess they didn’t want to be just an extension of Jimena, the residents, that is, not the storks…) There is one nest high on the top of a telegraph pole and a lower one one the top of the palm tree. I’d been trying to get some photos for ages, as I wanted to draw storks but of course it has to be Jimena storks!  I snapped him/her early one morning, and it is the same stork  three times, it looked at me taking the pictures and thought I’m not having the paparazi snapping me this time of the morning, and slowly took off.  I used pen and wash for this picture.