The railway station for Jimena – Estación de Jimena


The railway station for Jimena is down the bottom of the hill in Estación de Jimena, (now Los Angeles) and the track runs from Algeciras through to Ronda and beyond; you can change at Bodadilla (the Crewe of Spain) and get to Granada, Madrid, Seville….It’s a jolly useful line. However there are rumours of closure to the smaller stations, which I truly hope don’t happen. There is a very nice bar just a few stops up the track in Jimera de Libar,  Bar Allioli, which has live music and it’s great to catch the train up and back on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


By the way, I now have 50 of you following my blog! This may seem a small amount to some of you ‘superbloggers’ out there, but I am dancing around the room with excitement 🙂 Thank you all for your support x


25 thoughts on “The railway station for Jimena – Estación de Jimena

  1. I’m so jealous about your train station. No seriously, I am! Granada is our closest and that’s a 45 minute trek. I’ve always loved stations, maybe it has something to do with adoring ‘The Railway Children’ as a child! Love your picture, very atmospheric.


  2. Love travelling by train. That line also leads to the small town of Arriate, near Ronda, where a great music festival is held each October. Angelica was invited to set up and draw portraits there a couple of years running, and we got to stay free at the local hostel, which is actually on the station platform. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending whether you want to stay at the hostel or catch a train, there are hardly any trains. We wanted to do both but never got to catch a train.

    The hostel is a big dormitory, which we had to ourselves. Except for once when one of the bands stayed. We hardly got a wink that night and all the portraits turned out wonky the following day.


  3. Well done! I know I’ll be delighted if I make it to 50! As for me, my first experience of this line was when we decided to walk from estacion de gaucin to gaucin itself, we knew it was not very close, we just had no idea it would be 12 kilometres!


  4. Hi Wendy 😀 Great drawing. Looks like our station at Cortes de la Frontera ! Congratulations on your 50th. Quite a landmark for you. Ralph xox ❤


  5. Hi Wendy, So nice to have discovered your Andalucian blog & congrats on reaching the big 5-0 😉 Sorry I didn’t know of you when I completed my Camino last fall and spent a couple of weeks down south; would have been nice to meet. Love your sketches!! Thanks for reading and enjoying my guest-blog entry on Steve’s blog (!). You might want to look up my friend Lottie’s blog too.. she lives in your neck o’ the woods:


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