Wing over Jimena – stork study #1

stork 1

Acrylic on A2 canvas block. I have completed the first module of my course and am now free to paint whatever I like! I have decided I like using acrylics and have been working on some storks using this area as a background. The storks are here at the moment having baby storks, and I have taken masses of photos to use as reference.

To those of you reading this, thanks for not un following me and I hope to catch up with your blogs very soon!

Wendy x


As I am not really blogging these days, I thought I would just re blog this wonderfully edited and hugely improved true story I wrote for fellow Jimenata Alberto, of the Grand Old Farts blog. Happy New Year to anyone out there who still follows me! 🙂

Spanish scribbles

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Devine bovine skullduggery

skull ink

An exercise on my course was to draw a tonal study of bones or shells. I wanted a skull! I sent out a plea on a local facebook page and within an hour a lovely lady had got back to me with the offer to lend me a calf skull and I drove out to collect it, just outside of Jimena. When I saw it I had to stop myself doing a little dance as it was large with HORNS! It still had some tufty hair and teeth too…

When I got back my cat Sabi was very intrigued….


Well, if you are not totally bored now, here is the fast charcoal sketch I did of the side and also a pencil sketch.

skull 1skull 2

Have a great Sunday,

Wendy x

p.s. for the pedantic folk out there I KNOW you spell it with one L…

Baelo Claudia


The site of a Roman town called Baelo Claudia is on the Atlantic coast by the town and beach of Bolonia, just up from Tarifa. My sister has been here this week so I took her there and managed to grab some sketching time whilst she was having a look around the visitor centre there. Well worth a visit! We even climbed the enormous sand dune at the end of the beach and felt very ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ 😉

Beach at Bolonia



My sister Jocelyn!