A still life Buddha


A still life painting,
Living your life still,
Still your life a few moments,
Think of nothing,
Your piece of peace.

Wendy x

Created for Artists4peace  https://artists4peace.wordpress.com/



23 thoughts on “A still life Buddha

  1. Melanie and I both love this piece Wendy and I’m so happy you sent it in. Thank you. Because I thought your drawing was so beautiful, I wasn’t thinking about the fact that some people may see it as a religious icon. A4P is religion free. So, I am asking one of two things. Is it possible that you could send Melanie a different drawing with your wonderful poem or would you rather that we just use the words. Any of your lovely drawings would be wonderful. Please send your new picture or your decision to just have us post the poem, to Melanie. Thank you so much Wendy. I’m sorry for this inconvenience.

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