The found feather


This feather was found on one of many lovely walks in the area. It is a just quick sketch using pencil.

I like to think it belonged to a Griffin Vulture, or similar large bird. It IS quite a large feather, and these birds are nearly always around, sitting on the rocks in the sun, or soaring above you on a hot air thermal. I managed to snap these with my new whizzy camera.

Vultures Feb 15IMG_0104


I have been very busy with my course, doing lots of sketching and painting but nothing really to put up on here. But I have been missed by at least one person, so thank you, the amazing Jo Freehand – always worth checking out what she has done each day! I am trying to keep up with all your blogs but with some of you posting daily, even several times a day, it can get overwhelming! But I am still here and will come and visit you soon 🙂


28 thoughts on “The found feather

  1. What a perfect symbol to grace us with, a feather. Lovely drawing as always Wendy. I like seeing the photos too. Congrats on the new whizzy camera. Thanks for the post.

    And, thank you for the blog shout-out. The more the merrier! It’s not the same when you’re not part of it. Please don’t ever feel guilty, however, about not having time to visit. Making anyone feel guilty is the last thing I want to do. Well, not even the last thing. I mean the never thing.

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  2. “…birds of a feather…” Wonderful sketch, Wendy, and the photos too. Funny coincidence about feathers. I have one that I picked up on the beach in Florida in January. I even know which individual bird it came from. It was a large gull that had been there every morning when I walked. I saw him pluck it from his wing and drop it. No, I’m not even going to attempt to sketch it. I’ll leave that kind of detail who can do it best…, like you ! 🙂

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