Devine bovine skullduggery

skull ink

An exercise on my course was to draw a tonal study of bones or shells. I wanted a skull! I sent out a plea on a local facebook page and within an hour a lovely lady had got back to me with the offer to lend me a calf skull and I drove out to collect it, just outside of Jimena. When I saw it I had to stop myself doing a little dance as it was large with HORNS! It still had some tufty hair and teeth too…

When I got back my cat Sabi was very intrigued….


Well, if you are not totally bored now, here is the fast charcoal sketch I did of the side and also a pencil sketch.

skull 1skull 2

Have a great Sunday,

Wendy x

p.s. for the pedantic folk out there I KNOW you spell it with one L…


40 thoughts on “Devine bovine skullduggery

  1. Lovely tones and great choice of subject.. we had an old skull a few years ago.. students LOVED drawing it.. it had the ” scare” factor.

    Drawing is really progressing well

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  2. Pete’s absolutely nuts about skulls. He’d love that one! There is a goat farm up the road and he is forever picking up old bones and skulls that he finds. He boils them up and then hangs them in the yard to dry out in the sun. The smell is beyond vile but they make great subjects to draw. Lovely picture, Wendy xx

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