Some pieces of the beach taken home for a still life

beach finds (2)

A line drawing exercise of some things I picked up on Sotogrande beach this last weekend, as a still life. Note to self – sea holly is SHARP! Also, a handful of sand taken home to add to the background ends up EVERYWHERE….’Twaz fun though 🙂


Between the rock and the soft place

School’s out (yes, I work at a school so great holidays, lucky me 🙂 ) and we have been heading to the coast to cool down. This beach at Alcadaisa is my second favourite, (my very favourite is on the Atlantic coast and a bit further to drive). Alcadaisa is to the east of Gibraltar, it has a long sandy and pebble beach and never seems to be that crowded as it’s not so well sign-posted as some, and only about 45 minutes drive from Jimena. I took my sketch pad and did a pencil drawing of Gibraltar but I thought it needed some colour, so I did this when I got back from my sketch and some photos I took.