The white cross


This white cross is to the north end of the town up on a little hill, very close to the campsite. I believe it is a memorial to those who were shot in the civil war; they were taken from the town of La Sauceda and the cross faces that way. Hundreds of people were tortured and executed by Franco’s troops.

We ex-pats made use of it last November for a poppy day remembrance. It is surprising just who in this little town has war medals! (They didn’t wear their uniforms of course, that would have been disrespectful.) Anyway, this little hill is a very peaceful place to sit, with some lovely views from the top. There is another memorial further down which I might have a go at drawing one day too.



21 thoughts on “The white cross

  1. Thank you Wendy for the information which you add to your lovely drawings, you always add things which I did not know. We were once told that the cross was in memory of 28 young men and boys who were taken there from Jimena, to be shot.
    Thanks, Lynne


  2. I’ve heard that in many villages in Spain, young and older men were taken away and shot, during the Civil War. Very hard times – and, of course, the elderly people still living will remember all of that.

    Lovely drawing, Wendy πŸ™‚


  3. I love that sketch Wendy! Something so utterly heavenly about it.. maybe because of the palette that you chose or its softness… truly a lovely rendering. Thnx for sharing your artistic talents!


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