Morning glory


Our yard wall and pergola is smothered in morning glory. I know it is a weed, but it is so beautiful and the most amazing colour. Very hard to capture this colour; it is a deep indigo that turns red and pink inside, it seems to glow with its own light. By the afternoon the flowers have folded themselves away. I think it is part of the bindweed family and we call it ‘withywine’ back in Somerset, where it is white and smaller. I first saw this plant in Portugal and was very happy to find that there is a lot of it here in Jimena.

I used watercolours, pen and wash and pearl white nail varnish ( Ha! Didn’t work very well, that bit).  Anyway, I was feeling a bit Georgia O’Keeffe (I wish…! ) when I did this….

Here are the real flowers in all their glory on our pergola in the morning (spot the bee :-))


17 thoughts on “Morning glory

  1. Weed, flower, what’s the difference in Spain? Nobody needs a flower garden at this time of year, as el campo is full of the most amazing flowers.

    My Dad used to hate bindweed. Once it takes hold in a garden it’s the very devil to ge rid of.


  2. Lovely colours. You can remove the paint ( to let the white from the “ground” or paper) by using a wet tissue or sponge.. or using a liquid resist gum which you paint on first. This technique ” masking”, gives a very definite line. I’ll show you next week.

    This would work well for a painting on silk..


  3. Beautiful. Very nice. Here in the states, the native or wild morning glory is considered a pest and it often called bindweed. But the domesticated version is sold in seed form and many people plant the seeds and grow gorgeous flowers. My mother always planted norning glory each spring. It was easy to grow. I plant other things that return each year from the root.


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