A window in Jimena

There are a lot of beautiful, well kept windows in Jimena and I might well be drawing or painting a few more for this blog! This one is very close to where we live. I love how well kept the windows and doors are here; in the mornings you have to dodge to avoid the tsunami of soapy water that gets chucked on the steps. I am lucky because my Spanish neighbour keeps our joint front step clean, probably realising that I wouldn’t be doing to her high standards (or at all, actually… πŸ™‚ )


19 thoughts on “A window in Jimena

  1. I love this picture, really love it. Those windows are so sweet. We don’t have anything half so fancy here but I’ve seen them in Ronda and thought they were wonderful. We’ve just had a huge wall taken down in the middle of our courtyard to make a larger space. At the moment it is filled with a giant pile of rubble but my dream is eventually for it to look like one of those fabulous Cordoba patios – I may need to invest in a hose for all that flower and plant watering!


  2. We get a few lovely windows in Conil, but not as many as in nearby Vejer. Looks as though Jimena gives a much better show.

    As for cleaning steps and floors, itΒ΄s the bleach that gets me. Sometimes the fumes almost have me reeling!


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