El Chirimoyo – drawing for a friend


A friend is having a big birthday party and said no presents, so I thought I’d draw her house and make it into  card for her. Her house is lovely, and beautiful inside; much bigger than it looks. She does a very nice B&B, and once-upon-a-time had a very nice little shop at the bottom, full of art and presents and it was a lovely meeting place for a gossip with friends. El chirimoyo is a custard-apple tree.


11 thoughts on “El Chirimoyo – drawing for a friend

  1. A lovely idea! This is such a beautiful drawing! I like drawings which tell me to come closer or – even better – to come in (enter a house, walk a path, etc.). Your friend must be thrilled! 🙂


  2. Looks like a great B&B to stay at.

    I´m not fond of people spending money to buy me presents (unless they’re absolutely huge and cost a fortune), but it’s great when they take the trouble to make something special in peace, rather that tear round the shops, ripping their hair out, wondering what to buy. You can almost sense it.


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