An hibiscus for Purdita

Today is the 18th June. I am at home with my female cat, Purdita. She is dying because she has FIV and cannot fight off illness any longer. Her brother, Sabi, I am happy to say is in fine form. I picked an hibiscus flower from the yard to paint, to occupy myself for a while and still be with her. I thought she was going but then, like Lady Lazarus, she suddenly got up and scraped at the door to be let out into the yard and we spent the afternoon outside. She was smelling all the smells and watching the flies and birds, she seemed happy. I am preparing this post today and tomorrow. When I post it you will know she has gone but will never be forgotten and always loved. I hope not to have to post it for a long time…..

My brilliant husband wrote this after my Lady Lazarus comparison.

I have done it again
One day in every ten
I manage it …..

A sort of walking miracle, my skin
Thin as an old holdall
My right foot

Hates my paper weight
But still I stumble on
Down the stairs

I still have
My nose, my eye pits, my full set of teeth
My sour breath

At least serves to keep
My brother at bay
Here at home with me

And I, a spry cat,
Am only ten years old
But like a human have less than nine lives to live.

I may be skin and bone
Nevertheless I am the same identical cat
“Gatita” of the theatrical

Comeback in broad day
To the same place, the same faces
The same amazed shout:

A miracle!
It knocks them out!
I should charge

For the eyeing of my ribs
The hearing of my heart …..
It really goes.

Herr Brindle, Herr White Cat

Out of the pampas
I shall rise from my green lair
And eat flies like air.


24 thoughts on “An hibiscus for Purdita

  1. Sad to hear of the loss of your cat, Wendy, they can be the most amusing of companions.

    I can only empathise, as I don´t know what we’ll do when Angelica´s dog Sammy passes on. He has to be approaching 20 now. Though he smells awful, and sleeps most of the day you can’t help but like him. The opposite of me, he never complains, has a tremendous amount of patience, and has never come home drunk.

    He’s been with her since he started following her, as a puppy, to get away from the maltreatment of his former owner.

    An Hibiscus for Purdita is a fitting tribute.


  2. Hi Wendy,
    We shared our home with a beautiful calico who, like your Purdita, had feline HIV. We knew it when we got her from the pet refuge but we had fallen in love with her and decided to share whatever time life would give her. They seem to magically entwine their lives with ours . Sorry you lost your friend…. She looked like a sweetie.

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