The lane leading to the castle gateway


This lane is off Calle la Loba (She-wolf street) right opposite Calle Canton de la Palma (song of the palm street), and leads on up round the corner,  watch out for mule poo…then you come out just below the Moorish arch gateway that leads into the castle area. I stood at the bottom and did a quick sketch of this, then added a few water colours and pen and wash to contrast. Bit different than my usual style…


20 thoughts on “The lane leading to the castle gateway

      • Glad to hear that!! Wendy I’ve given myself a little holiday from the blog but am in the middle of writing a post now, and it should be out in the ether soon. There are lots of stories all whizzing around in my head so plenty to work on. I’m really enjoying your drawings, it’s such a pretty village that you live in. I must look you up on the map and see exactly where you are.


  1. We love this particular route up to the castle and you have captured it so well, can almost smell the mule. Also like your use of colour, the sky is perfect.


  2. I love to watery effect you’re getting nowadays, Wendy. I assume you using some sort of pen followed a sable brush with a touch of watercolour. As well as that I assume you’re exploiting the colours the ink breaks down into with water. Whatever, it’s very attractive and doesn’t look overdone, as can happen.

    Or did it just rain that day………? Just a jest.


    • I think you would laugh Bryan, if you saw what I was using, a very basic set of watercolours and a water soluble pen. Then I go over the pen with water and a brush. I was waiting to see what I liked doing best before investing in anything decent!


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