A window in Jimena

There are a lot of beautiful, well kept windows in Jimena and I might well be drawing or painting a few more for this blog! This one is very close to where we live. I love how well kept the windows and doors are here; in the mornings you have to dodge to avoid the tsunami of soapy water that gets chucked on the steps. I am lucky because my Spanish neighbour keeps our joint front step clean, probably realising that I wouldn’t be doing to her high standards (or at all, actually… 🙂 )


The lane leading to the castle gateway


This lane is off Calle la Loba (She-wolf street) right opposite Calle Canton de la Palma (song of the palm street), and leads on up round the corner,  watch out for mule poo…then you come out just below the Moorish arch gateway that leads into the castle area. I stood at the bottom and did a quick sketch of this, then added a few water colours and pen and wash to contrast. Bit different than my usual style…

Callejon Techado


This little covered alleyway has always fascinated me. I have never had the nerve to drive up it but whilst I was stood here attempting to sketch, at least 5 cars passed me; I had to jump in the doorway on the right! Most of them looked at me in amazement (why would anyone stand there?! Crazy foreign woman…) but  I did get a couple of cheerful waves. The name of the street actually means covered alley. There was a real contrast of bright sunshine at the top and a shadowy tunnel which I have tried to capture 🙂 This is a photo I took from the other end. As you can see by the windows with blinds, somebody must be living over there…