The Cherrys’ poinsettia tree

point cherry

Looking upwards across the roofs from our terrace, our neighbours 3 doors up, the charming Cherrys, have this amazing poinsettia tree. I never realised poinsettias could become trees, I just thought they were small plants that you bought in pots for Xmas and then they shrivelled and died after the new year (mine do anyway….) This is just the top of the tree in full blaze; I would have had to crawl over the roof to get the full view of the tree which might not be such a good idea :-). Behind is just general brick and concrete which I found was not easy to paint. Anyway, I thought it was a nice festive subject for December! πŸ™‚


22 thoughts on “The Cherrys’ poinsettia tree

  1. The pointsettia is lovely and beautifully drawn, An easier one to access, which is also in full bloom, is beside the building just below the castle. I’m encouraging one from 2 years ago to grow in the garden. It is a very slow process and the “bracks”/ flowers are very small.

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