Huevos: the gift of eggs


We were for a walk in the ‘campo’ on Sunday when, just passing a small holding full of sheep, lambs and chickens, I saw a man waving frantically to me. It was Antonio, a.k.a. ‘pastor’ from the cafe in the plaza.

Anyway, he gave us some eggs, complete with grass and chicken-s**t. I guess we are goods friends now! I didn’t like to tell him I am a vegan and don’t eat eggs (my husband will eat them though). I am sure he would think I was crazy to draw them rather than eat them! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Huevos: the gift of eggs

  1. Ah, the eggs. And even worse, the cheese. And the partner who is not vegan. But still, I could be married to an omnivore. I’ve eaten the eggs from our darling chickens, at least I knew they were happy chickens with a decent diet, but any other eggs are desperation measures. Eg stuck in the middle of Spanish nowhere and tortilla is the least worst option. Luckily our neighbours have only ever given us veg, phew!

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