The monolith

This monument or monolith  in Jimena de la Frontera is just down from the white cross (la Cruz Blanca) on the hill. It consists of 4 parts and is made using 2 different metals. It has the words in Spanish; odio-hate, vida-life, muerte-death, amistad-friendship, esperanza-hope, violencia-violence, paz-peace and sufrimiento-suffering cut into it. A google search has told me that the creator is the architect Cayetano García Pérez. It was lovely and peaceful sitting there on the fence and sketching with just a lizard for company (well, actually he legged it when he saw me…) I believe it is floodlite at night (never been up at night so don’t actually know!) and ‘represents the elimination of differences in a single unit’. I personally like it, and like that the metal is ‘weathering in’ now.



11 thoughts on “The monolith

  1. Just to get it into perspective, Wendy. This monument was put up just a few metres from the Cruz Blanca in response to the latter: ihe white cross is a memorial to the dead of the Nationalist army of the Spanish Civil War; the winners, in other words – and they will tell you different these days. It took over 30 years to put something up in memory of the losers, the Republicans, many of whom are buried in mass graves a bit further up the mountain. Just a thought…

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