The monolith

This monument or monolith  in Jimena de la Frontera is just down from the white cross (la Cruz Blanca) on the hill. It consists of 4 parts and is made using 2 different metals. It has the words in Spanish; odio-hate, vida-life, muerte-death, amistad-friendship, esperanza-hope, violencia-violence, paz-peace and sufrimiento-suffering cut into it. A google search has told me that the creator is the architect Cayetano García Pérez. It was lovely and peaceful sitting there on the fence and sketching with just a lizard for company (well, actually he legged it when he saw me…) I believe it is floodlite at night (never been up at night so don’t actually know!) and ‘represents the elimination of differences in a single unit’. I personally like it, and like that the metal is ‘weathering in’ now.