And so it starts! I had an idea I wanted to do some sketching, was inspired by Matt Witt of ‘Draw Glastonbury’ fame to pick up my pencil again – then I thought, why not put the drawings up on a blog? Scarey thought that people might just be passing judgement but also it will push me on to put something up at least every week. And I’ve never had a blog – how hard can it be? So I am planning to do some of sketches of my adoptive home in Andalucia, Spain – the beautiful white hill top pueblo called Jimena de la Frontera. Some sketches will be working from photos and some sitting outside (although in this town it is likely to draw a ring of elderly men looking to see what you are doing….)

I am not a trained artist and my creative energy has been going into creating ceramics over the last 7 or so years (with thanks to my teacher Jan Bradley aka Jan-the-pot) So anyway, Wendy, just get on with it!


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