The snails at the bottom of the yard


I was going to call this post ‘The case of the missing gecko’, because I found a beautiful, tiny gecko up on the terrace; it was undamaged but dead and on its back. I was excited to have the chance to draw something like this and took it up to my room on a piece of paper. As I had promised to watch a program with the man that evening, I decided I would start on it first thing in the morning. By the morning it had gone….now, I know you all think it was the cat what done it, but I can assure you he didn’t go upstairs that morning, so I would like to think the gecko somehow revived itself and left! It is very disappointing when you have drawn something in your mind to then find you cannot draw it after all….so, I made do with the snails, or caracoles, that have attached themselves to the gate at the bottom of the yard. They are alive, I believe 🙂


The baby bougainvillea

Actually, it’s not really a baby bougie but we have in fact had it for a few years now and it is only this year that it has decided to have a decent show of colour. The colour is not the flowers, they are white and very small but in the ‘bracts’ (yes, I looked that up…) I am sure the green fingered of you out there will say it doesn’t want to be in a pot;  well, we only have a yard so it has no choice really! Still, its adding a lovely splash of purple-pink-magenta to our little yard 🙂

The steps in our back yard


We have a poorly puss-cat, so I decided to spend an afternoon sketching in our back yard and keep her company. Quite luxurious actually, with cups of tea and melted chocolate bars…..although the sun kept moving the shadows around and confusing me 🙂

The steps lead up to a top terrace with views down to Gibraltar and sometimes a small lump of Africa.