She draws seashells on the seashore…


..what did I learn? Shells are NOT an easy option (and this is just a scallop- I think!) and you can’t draw every grain of sand on the beach… Yes, it is still summer here in Andalucia and so we are still lounging around on the sea shore. But I’ll get back to drawing the streets/calles of Jimena very soon 🙂


Sketches in a bikini

It’s very hot here in Spain at the moment. VERY hot. Therefore, and I am making excuses ‘tiz true, been spending a lot of time at the beach and by the pool and it’s not easy trying to finish a sketch properly when the cool water is calling and the next chapter of my book needs reading. So I am trying to make up for quality with quantity this time 🙂 Next week a very good friend of mine will be visiting us and what she doesn’t realise is that she is going to be modelling for me….

Various views from the beaches at Sotogrande and Puerto de Duquesa, and two lonesome pines at the pool.