The dancers at the feria


It was the Jimena feria this weekend, and what a hot one it was too! I take my hat off to the ladies who shoehorn (dresshorn?!) themselves into the traditional flamenco dresses and very high heels and make their way carefully down to the feria. But how wonderful they look! I caught these two ladies dancing┬á sevillanas in a fairly empty hall, they were laughing and not taking themselves seriously at all. I think the main event had just finished but hard to know as nothing ever runs to the program….. Anyway, I took a lot of pictures and worked from them, using watercolours and pen and wash on my special new non-crinkle paper! ­čÖé


Pastor of the plaza


Antonio, otherwise known as Pastor, runs the restaurant/cafe/bar in the main plaza in Jimena, called Pastor II. His other bar is just around the corner. It is a popular gathering place for coffee and gossip in the late morning, and, although the service is not fast, the coffee is very good. I think he has an interesting face, and is part of Jimena, so I wanted to draw him, especially as I am practicing drawing people at the moment. Of course,┬á non-Jimenatas will have no idea if this looks anything like him or not!┬á I took some pictures to work from and he was very flattered, in fact I think he thought he’d pulled as he then sat with his arm draped round me…. ­čÖé