The gateway to the Jimena castle

Gateway to the castle

A lot of work has been completed up at the castle, and the gateway has been cleaned and some beautiful Moorish tiles have been exposed. To the right is an upsidedown tile with Latin writing on it (so my Latin reading man tells me anyway) I scrambled up to a ledge just by the entrance to draw this, which was great as I was up and out of the way of all the tourists (most of whom didn’t look up my way) I did get a few cheery waves though 🙂 I made sure no one was passing as I knew coming down would be harder….I got a bit of a numb bum sitting up there for about an hour and a half and couldn’t quite finish it but I rather like the unfinished effect 🙂

So those are the tiles – I didn’t get a chance to do them all- you can see there is another higher arch and they have put a walkway across the top.

Latin tile.