Early mist with red sky – stork study #2

stork 2

Acrylic on A2 canvas block. Early morning red sky and mist pockets between the hills out to Gibraltar. Yes, I am fascinated by the storks 🙂  – just one more stork painting to finish…


Between the rock and the soft place

School’s out (yes, I work at a school so great holidays, lucky me 🙂 ) and we have been heading to the coast to cool down. This beach at Alcadaisa is my second favourite, (my very favourite is on the Atlantic coast and a bit further to drive). Alcadaisa is to the east of Gibraltar, it has a long sandy and pebble beach and never seems to be that crowded as it’s not so well sign-posted as some, and only about 45 minutes drive from Jimena. I took my sketch pad and did a pencil drawing of Gibraltar but I thought it needed some colour, so I did this when I got back from my sketch and some photos I took.

Stormy Sunday


The view from the top of the stairs window across the rooftops towards Gibraltar today. The rain came down and the thunder rumbled away; the clouds lifted and then descended again. I perched by the open window with a towel on top of the bookshelves, as the rain was coming in most of the time. Cats came and looked curiously at me. And so, no, those of you who don’t live in Spain, the sun does not shine everyday…..