The baby bougainvillea

Actually, it’s not really a baby bougie but we have in fact had it for a few years now and it is only this year that it has decided to have a decent show of colour. The colour is not the flowers, they are white and very small but in the ‘bracts’ (yes, I looked that up…) I am sure the green fingered of you out there will say it doesn’t want to be in a pot;  well, we only have a yard so it has no choice really! Still, its adding a lovely splash of purple-pink-magenta to our little yard 🙂


A window in Jimena

There are a lot of beautiful, well kept windows in Jimena and I might well be drawing or painting a few more for this blog! This one is very close to where we live. I love how well kept the windows and doors are here; in the mornings you have to dodge to avoid the tsunami of soapy water that gets chucked on the steps. I am lucky because my Spanish neighbour keeps our joint front step clean, probably realising that I wouldn’t be doing to her high standards (or at all, actually… 🙂 )

Morning glory


Our yard wall and pergola is smothered in morning glory. I know it is a weed, but it is so beautiful and the most amazing colour. Very hard to capture this colour; it is a deep indigo that turns red and pink inside, it seems to glow with its own light. By the afternoon the flowers have folded themselves away. I think it is part of the bindweed family and we call it ‘withywine’ back in Somerset, where it is white and smaller. I first saw this plant in Portugal and was very happy to find that there is a lot of it here in Jimena.

I used watercolours, pen and wash and pearl white nail varnish ( Ha! Didn’t work very well, that bit).  Anyway, I was feeling a bit Georgia O’Keeffe (I wish…! ) when I did this….

Here are the real flowers in all their glory on our pergola in the morning (spot the bee :-))