The ubiquitous green bottles of Andalucia

Green bottle

Anybody who lives in Andalucia, and maybe Spain,will have seen these green bottles. We inherited this one when we bought the house and, like most people, used it to collect corks (mostly cava corks…) so it is, as far as I am concerned anyway, a sign of a good life lived 🙂 It was not easy to draw, all those corks(!) and 2 light sources…..but I hope have captured it somewhat.

Real bottle


Gaucin- view up to part of the castle

Gaucin (2)

Gaucin is a town about 30 minutes drive from Jimena, on the Ronda road. It is much higher than here, and always feels colder. We had guests staying with us so I took them there; of course the castle was shut as it was Monday, but for future reference it opens on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays 🙂 We had a nice walk around, and took some photos, which I used to draw this detail of part of the castle looking up. The views from up there across to Gibraltar and Africa were amazing.

The snails at the bottom of the yard


I was going to call this post ‘The case of the missing gecko’, because I found a beautiful, tiny gecko up on the terrace; it was undamaged but dead and on its back. I was excited to have the chance to draw something like this and took it up to my room on a piece of paper. As I had promised to watch a program with the man that evening, I decided I would start on it first thing in the morning. By the morning it had gone….now, I know you all think it was the cat what done it, but I can assure you he didn’t go upstairs that morning, so I would like to think the gecko somehow revived itself and left! It is very disappointing when you have drawn something in your mind to then find you cannot draw it after all….so, I made do with the snails, or caracoles, that have attached themselves to the gate at the bottom of the yard. They are alive, I believe 🙂