Tree detail…. and I’m still here!

tree detail

I am still here but a bit busy to be blogging and reading lots of blogs. But thanks to those of you who are still stopping by! This is an old cork oak tree that lives down by the river. It is a line drawing of the bark detail that I did for an exercise the other day. Happy summertime to you all!


Devine bovine skullduggery

skull ink

An exercise on my course was to draw a tonal study of bones or shells. I wanted a skull! I sent out a plea on a local facebook page and within an hour a lovely lady had got back to me with the offer to lend me a calf skull and I drove out to collect it, just outside of Jimena. When I saw it I had to stop myself doing a little dance as it was large with HORNS! It still had some tufty hair and teeth too…

When I got back my cat Sabi was very intrigued….


Well, if you are not totally bored now, here is the fast charcoal sketch I did of the side and also a pencil sketch.

skull 1skull 2

Have a great Sunday,

Wendy x

p.s. for the pedantic folk out there I KNOW you spell it with one L…

Baelo Claudia


The site of a Roman town called Baelo Claudia is on the Atlantic coast by the town and beach of Bolonia, just up from Tarifa. My sister has been here this week so I took her there and managed to grab some sketching time whilst she was having a look around the visitor centre there. Well worth a visit! We even climbed the enormous sand dune at the end of the beach and felt very ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ 😉

Beach at Bolonia



My sister Jocelyn!

Spanish onions and some garlic…

Onions & Garlic

Still on still life…water colour in my kitchen for an exercise on my course. Today is my birthday! But it’s ok, it’s only an in between one, not a scarey landmark or anything like that. So I am off out to lunch to celebrate. Maybe I’ll eat onions and garlic….

Wendy x

The found feather


This feather was found on one of many lovely walks in the area. It is a just quick sketch using pencil.

I like to think it belonged to a Griffin Vulture, or similar large bird. It IS quite a large feather, and these birds are nearly always around, sitting on the rocks in the sun, or soaring above you on a hot air thermal. I managed to snap these with my new whizzy camera.

Vultures Feb 15IMG_0104


I have been very busy with my course, doing lots of sketching and painting but nothing really to put up on here. But I have been missed by at least one person, so thank you, the amazing Jo Freehand – always worth checking out what she has done each day! I am trying to keep up with all your blogs but with some of you posting daily, even several times a day, it can get overwhelming! But I am still here and will come and visit you soon 🙂



On the Atlantic coastline is a beautiful place called Bolonia.We met some family there last weekend to look around the visitor centre and Roman ruins (well worth a visit by the way). But I was fascinated with the cacti or chumbas as they are called here. Where we live they have all died from an awful blight and look like they have melted; a very sad sight indeed. However, these are green and full and glorious! A joy to see – so I thought I’d try and paint some. Watercolour and ink working from sketches and my  photos.

Oranges and lemons…

Oranges and lemons

When we bought our house we inherited a lemon tree with an orange branch grafted onto it. It is very strange, and many people do not believe such a thing is possible 🙂 It is a magnificent tree, providing us with nearly a year round supply of lemons and Seville oranges. Well, we think they are Seville, they are quite tart but very nice added to juices.  They are full of pips though! The leaves and blossom are quite different too; the orange blossom smells glorious when it is out. The ones I picked today for this picture found the lemon leaves quite pale and yellow in comparison to the orange leaves.  Having arranged them nicely to sketch and paint, I found the leaves seem to move on their own! Most strange…..Watercolour and ink.

CIMG1094Our tree, just outside the back door.