Deer antler and flamenco rose


I have started my art course;  the first introductory part is really looking at HOW to study at higher level. I hadn’t picked up my pencils all week, which was most frustrating. However, at the end you choose a subject to research and I choose Georgia O’Keeffe, because her work is AMAZING and I particularly love her skulls and bones juxtaposed with flowers. So this was an excuse to do an homage to her… deer antler found by my man up in the woods and a black, silk and net rose of the sort worn by flamenco dancers. Yes, I have worn it….

Ink pot and brushes used.  Not a patch on Georgia, of course (!) but I was not too unhappy with it. 🙂


38 thoughts on “Deer antler and flamenco rose

  1. I feel that I want to touch the antlers, but where to place the rose to connect with the antlers? Great contrast which you have captured.


  2. Are you giving or taking the course?

    Georgia O´Keefe… that’s reminded me… I spent a few weeks at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico a few years back, where she did some of her painting. Beautiful place.


    • Thank you. And sorry to disappoint you…no, I am not. I did briefly try and learn to dance ‘sevillanas’ which is similar to flamenco. But I do love flamenco music, the singing is amazing and very moving when done well.

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