The walk up to Vulture Rock


At the north end of the village, past the campsite, is the start of a walk that can take you way up into the hills, with amazing views back of the village. It starts off as a cobble path, then the cobbles are just sort of dumped and then it’s just a rough track. IĀ  plan to get up there with my paints and do some painting ‘plein air’ soon. It’s not really called ‘Vulture Rock’ but I call it that after a close encounter with a large eagle vulture I once had up there! (pencil sketch from my own photos)

SDC11566Two days ago I got notification that I had been blogging for a year! A whole year! I now have over 240 followers (including e mail followers) which is amazing. Thank you all for your encouragement over the year. My news is that I am now officially a student and studying online to work towards getting an art degree. I may not have so much time for blogging and may not always be drawing Jimena but we’ll see how it all works out!Ā  šŸ™‚


27 thoughts on “The walk up to Vulture Rock

  1. Great stuff! Though I’ve never heard anywhere called Vulture Rock (love the name from a drama writing POV) If it’s where I think it is from your drawing, I can find out what it’s actually called in Spanish. Have you been up the trail I mentioned in Jimena People? You really do get one heck of a view, and in the summer, you watch the vultures from above! As they say here: Palante! (Para adelante — keep going!)

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  2. Thank you for.following me, I now am doing the same your work is beautiful, I love to see someone who can use the basics and a creative such beauty, my work is a lot different I take found images and reinvent to say what I am feeling
    As always Sheldon


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