Flowers from the Friday market

Flowers from the market

I bought these daisies down the Jimena Friday market and started a rough sketch that afternoon. It is a real treat to get fresh flowers most weeks and they only cost a few euros. I then came down with a hideous cold and have not felt like doing anything until today, by which time a lot of the leaves were dying and the flowers had opened up…it all looked very different! Anyway, I inked it over as a fast sketch and then used some watercolour to add a splash of colour.

By the way, cold definitely caught on the plane flying back from the UK on Wednesday. I am unbearable when ill, as my poor husband will surely testify… 😉


23 thoughts on “Flowers from the Friday market

  1. Aww, I’m in total sympathy! I’ve had something similar and it’s lasted for 3 weeks – (also caught on the plane or back in the UK) It makes me think that we live a ‘quarantine’ lifestyle here! Hope you feel LOADS better soon xx

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  2. Love the painting! I’ve known Diego, the flower man, for over 40 years. When my mother, also a painter, was no longer able to get to the market, he would always give me a rose for her, for she bought them from him for a very long time.

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  3. Get well soon Wendy for your hubby’s sake ! I’ve not caught it. My neighbours are passing it on to each other from the school children. I’ll get mine when I go to be repaired in Ronda hospital on Thursday :/
    You have really caught the spirit of the flowers. Love this painting ! xox ❤

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  4. I thought you had been removed from my Reader, so I came to check. You’re still being followed but I’m not getting any of your posts. That’s why I haven’t been on your blog. I’m not sure what’s going on.

    This is such a sweet picture:)

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