Gaucin- view up to part of the castle

Gaucin (2)

Gaucin is a town about 30 minutes drive from Jimena, on the Ronda road. It is much higher than here, and always feels colder. We had guests staying with us so I took them there; of course the castle was shut as it was Monday, but for future reference it opens on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays πŸ™‚ We had a nice walk around, and took some photos, which I used to draw this detail of part of the castle looking up. The views from up there across to Gibraltar and Africa were amazing.


12 thoughts on “Gaucin- view up to part of the castle

  1. Lovely drawing, I did walk up there ( leaving Ralph sitting on a bench) and the view was wonderful. It was closed unfortunately but still worth going there! Gaucin was a lovely town with its white houses, I loved it!


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