By the pyramids of Cairo: Dave’s Rabbit Chapters 15 & 16

I published this today but Wordress put it u p as 5th October, so I am reblogging…

Spanish scribbles

Cairo by the pyramids

Cairo silhouette:  inspiration from my own photographs taken when I lived there.


Kallis slept well when she got back to the hotel, but woke early feeling fretful and worried about what the old lady at the market had said. What had she meant about a foot in two worlds? Maybe she was just referring to the fact that Kallis was half Egyptian, which was perhaps obvious by her appearance to the local people here. Or maybe she could tell that Kallis had had a strange experience and perhaps seen another sort of world? And more worryingly, what was this danger and how should she avoid it?

‘Well’, thought Kallis, I shall just have to see what happens and deal with it then’.

Kallis took a shower and packed her things back into her bag. She put on her new galibaya and went down to the cafe to have…

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