The century plant’s last hurrah!

Century plant

This century plant (also called Agave americana, and maguey) is to the north of Jimena near to the campsite. I looked up some info on them (wikipedia), as I don’t know much about them, and it seems that once they have shot up this amazing spike out of the base plant that’s it for the plant, which withers and dies but does have some suckers that will grow out of the base. So, I wonder what the spike with ‘flowers’ is for then? I assumed seeds to be spread but who knows? Maybe it is just having a last hurrah 🙂


17 thoughts on “The century plant’s last hurrah!

  1. Lovely drawing Wendy. Those grow here and I had one in my yard that took about 15-20 years to flower and then it died. There were younger ones that came up but I dug those up and gave some away. I did not want anymore of the plant for it had very sharp and dangerous tips at the end of its long leaves.


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