The castle from the riverside

Lazy, hot afternoons can be pleasantly spent down by the river in Jimena. Not completely dry yet, there are still swimmable bits.  My sketch is the view of the castle looking up from the riverside. This week we saw some amazing dragonflies, purple, bright orange-red and blue (the blue ones were flying around locked together, not sure what they were doing *ahem* ).  Also saw a couple of bright turquoise kingfishers, too fast to photograph. There were teeny-tiny frogs on the rocks hopping in the water when they saw you coming. We are so lucky to have this river so close to our town.

Man in river author’s own….he is actually swimming, not drowning 🙂


16 thoughts on “The castle from the riverside

  1. Lucky you, although we have a superb beach in Conil, it’s jam-packed with tourists from the beginning of July until the end of August, and we hardly ever go because of that. Not that I blame them for getting away from the city heat.

    But I’d much rather have an empty and clean river to swim in.

    By the way, I hardly like to mention it but what’s that whopping great appendage sticking out of the water in front of your man? Please tell me it’s his arm.


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