The crumbling house

House decay

This house is in the middle of an inhabited row of houses just down from us in Calle Larga. There has been barriers in front and piles of sand etc.,  but nothing really happening. I decided NOT to include the ‘Cruzcampo’ barrier at the bottom, I think this is known as artist license….  The houses here can look rather beautiful when the plaster is coming off and nature has started to fight back,  so that’s what I thought I’d try and capture this time. Different, no? 🙂


17 thoughts on “The crumbling house

  1. There is always beauty in “not being perfect”. Thank you for capturing this scene so delicately and reminding us of the power of nature.


  2. The beauty here is exquisite. In a modern day habitation, it would be some ugly spot of pink insulation.

    I have to tell you that I just now thought of visiting your blog, as one of the characters in a story I’m writing passes through the ports of Barcelona. And so I couldn’t help but to see if anything new was up here.

    And it’s gorgeous as usual.

    Cheers from Sonoma, CA!


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