The dancers at the feria


It was the Jimena feria this weekend, and what a hot one it was too! I take my hat off to the ladies who shoehorn (dresshorn?!) themselves into the traditional flamenco dresses and very high heels and make their way carefully down to the feria. But how wonderful they look! I caught these two ladies dancingΒ  sevillanas in a fairly empty hall, they were laughing and not taking themselves seriously at all. I think the main event had just finished but hard to know as nothing ever runs to the program….. Anyway, I took a lot of pictures and worked from them, using watercolours and pen and wash on my special new non-crinkle paper! πŸ™‚


22 thoughts on “The dancers at the feria

    • Thanks, Rajiv. Yes, maybe I should have explain…a feria in Spain is a traditional festival with lots of stalls, music, dancing, animals (horses particularly) and dressing up in your best and traditional clothes. Oh, yes, and drinking πŸ™‚ All the towns here have them and usually at slightly different times so you could travel around and celebrate continuously!


  1. This is enchanting! I love how you’ve drawn the ladies and their dresses.
    We had a feria on the 3rd, we had another on Sunday and we have one today…I think the one today is something to do with Fatima. I’ve been told that it’s best bibs and tuckers so I need to find something to wear – difficult when Fatty has put on so much weight ….damn those tapas!!


  2. Sorry to have missed the Feria but you have captured it’s spirit very well, especially the flowing movement in the shaul and body posture of the lady on the right. The hands of the other lady, to me look perfect. Well done!


  3. The smaller ferias are the best, and you capture the spirit of them beautifully in this drawing, Wendy. It’s not so easy. I’ve attempted to take a lot of photos of flamenco dancers. Usually, by the time I’ve pressed the button, they all have their backs to me. Thank God for digital photography, where you never run out of film.


  4. Wendy, I’m sorry that I always forget about your blog since I don’t use the reader. I dislike the reader- for me it is a pain.

    Anyhoo, I really like the colors and the ladies dancing. A perfect redering.


  5. Hi, thank you for liking my photo essay on Sawtell. You have a beautiful blog, I love this one of the spanish dancers. I love to sketch too, but sadly rarely make the time to do any. I am now a follower.



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