Pastor of the plaza


Antonio, otherwise known as Pastor, runs the restaurant/cafe/bar in the main plaza in Jimena, called Pastor II. His other bar is just around the corner. It is a popular gathering place for coffee and gossip in the late morning, and, although the service is not fast, the coffee is very good. I think he has an interesting face, and is part of Jimena, so I wanted to draw him, especially as I am practicing drawing people at the moment. Of course,  non-Jimenatas will have no idea if this looks anything like him or not!  I took some pictures to work from and he was very flattered, in fact I think he thought he’d pulled as he then sat with his arm draped round me…. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Pastor of the plaza

  1. This IS Pastor, without a doubt, perhaps a bit younger than I see him but he won´t worry about that! A real Jimena character captured.


  2. I can’t comment on whether or not it looks like Pastor, as I have not had the pleasure of meeting him and trying his coffee.
    I can say he looks a lot like this bloke who lives around the corner from me, who considering you have probably never met, makes it all the more impressive that you got his likeness.


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