The basura birds of Andalucia a.k.a. Griffin Vultures


Friend and photographer, Simon Haigh, managed to capture some great shots of these amazing birds as they feasted on a dead calf in one of the fields near Jimena. Sadly the mother cow was watching from nearby 😦 …but that’s nature and these birds are the bin (basura) men of the skies, cleaning up the road kill and keeping the campo clean for us. In flight they soar and climb gracefully together on the thermals of air, sometimes swooping low over our terrace (the cats always look nervous at this point…) On the ground they look scarier with their strange necks and sharp beaks and almost 3 metre wing-spans. Thanks, Simon, for letting me use your excellent photos.



9 thoughts on “The basura birds of Andalucia a.k.a. Griffin Vultures

  1. One of my favourite books as a child was ‘Ferdinand The Bull’ and I remember being particularly fascinated in the illustrations, especially the ones of the vultures nesting in the trees. Your post very much reminded me of them.


  2. It’s an insult to the magnificent job these birds do to label bankers and lawyers vultures, just because they pick the bones clean. As a boy, I used to do exactly the same whenever we had roast chicken.


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