The Cala Lily


I have been given a set of pencils (it was my birthday last week, thank you, sister 🙂 ) I have 12! I only had 2 before, all different hardness-es, if that’s the right word, so no excuse now for not shading. Thought I’d have a quick go at a Cala Lily; there are lots out in the streets in pots at the moment.


10 thoughts on “The Cala Lily

  1. It was my birthday last week too! April 3rd.

    I’ve been looking round the flat for some decent pencils to draw a couple of cats for a story. All I can find is the stub of a 2B and a load of HBs. Angelica has worn all the others away, but she is the professional.

    A couple of nice elipses coming along on that plant pot, Looks as though you’re going to get hard at it. Very pleasing, and drawn with such evident love.


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