The tree with the golden blossom


I THINK they are Mimosa trees, anyway, they are all out in blossom here at the moment and look glorious. Spring has definitely sprung! And yes, this is a bit different…I thought I’d try some colour and after a rough sketch I used watercolour and then inked over when dry. I think I need different paper though as it went a bit crinkly when it dried 😦

This is a photo of the tree – maybe it’s not mimosa and somebody will know!



11 thoughts on “The tree with the golden blossom

  1. Hi Wendy 😀 Thank you for visiting my blog. I do enjoy your drawings of Jimena de la Frontera. A lovely town to look at from Los Angeles, but for me a little too steep to live there. I have been in Canada del Real Tesoro (three train stops towards Ronda) for nearly 10 years now and love the village and people. I pass your town regularly when visiting Los Barrios. I’ll wave when I next go past. A good day for ducks today. Ralph ❤


    • Hi Ralph, thanks for stopping by my blog! I don’t think I have been to your town, is it near to Jimera de Libar? We sometimes go to Bar Alliolli there for the live music.Yes, it is steep here but good for keeping in shape 😉


      • You are welcome Wendy, I enjoyed the visit to your blog.

        Yes, I live 5 minutes by train or 20+ minutes by car to reach Jimera de Libar, a drive up to Cortes de la Frontera then down to J de L.

        BTW. Thanks for the follow. Have a lovely evening. 😀


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