The house down the bottom of the road


I love this house! Down the bottom of the road that leads to the bridge, this house really stands out with its lovely old wooden door and the stone portal with the cross detail. I do actually know who lives in here and I hope he doesn’t mind me drawing his house 🙂


13 thoughts on “The house down the bottom of the road

  1. I love the house too that you have put to pencil or pen and ink. I can’t tell but it is an impressive drawing. You are quite good. It seems that I have missed quite a few of your posts and will need to catch up slowly. I failed to check delivery os something went amiss. I don’t read blogs in the reader. I just don’t like them there. Too much scrolling.


    • Thank you, I am just using pencil at the moment but hope to progress! It is hard keeping up with all the blogs in the reader, I agree, especially now I am following more and more.


  2. Such beautiful drawings that speak of a story within this village/town, and the people.
    A joy scrolling through your work-blog…
    Thank you 🙂


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