Casa de la Cultura


Our Casa de la Cultura is in the main street, Calle Sevilla and the little covered plaza is called ‘Olof Palme’ after the Swedish PM who was assassinated in 1986 (why they honour him I am not sure, but it’s rather nice) The  Miguel de Cervantes Municipal Library is also here.The office to the right is where you have to go and sort out car tax and other unpleasant things (although the staff in there are very friendly:-) ) There is an amazing vine that crawls all over the little plaza and the building, which seems to come from one place; I have tried to put some idea of it in.

Well, I am not so sure of this drawing. I have attacked it with my new 4b pencil and applied more shading and tones, I hope, as advised…The arches might not be spot on….It’s strange what I notice when I photograph the drawing, it’s like seeing it with new eyes.


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