The little spring around the corner


This little spring is just round the corner from our road, in Choro de la Calle, which leads on down to the river. We are in Fuente de la Cruz, which presumably is the same fuente as comes out here (must be why our walls are always so damp….) It never seems to run out of water even in the heat of Summer. Unfortunately, the water is not drinkable, as the little notice tells us.Image The other sign says that they won first prize for their flower displays and urges you to decorate your door with pots of flowers as is the tradition here.



7 thoughts on “The little spring around the corner

  1. We also have a spring in our village round which the old wash houses were built. There is a large stone trough through which the water passes on its way out of the village and a shed with stone basins where the women used to do their communal clothes washing. We didn’t have a washing machine for our first 3 months here so I used the old stone sink in our yard to wash our clothes in but I found myself wishing that I had the company of another woman to chat to as I went about it. It’s bliss having a washing machine now, it wasn’t a lot of fun washing clothes by hand


    • Hi Lottie, no it’s no fun without a washing machine.I once lived in a camper van for 5 months (in Ireland) and at times did washing in river water and hung out my smalls on bushes to dry. You lose all self-importance!


  2. Right! I have been given a 4d (or is it a b) pencil and advice from a ‘real artist’ and teacher- I am going to do more shading and tones on the next one (it could all go horribly wrong…. :-O )


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